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Friends Only <3

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Things can get a bit....Friendly ;) Please comment to be added.

From this point on I'm making my journal 'Friends Only'. Why? Not because I care who reads or because I have a spectacular life, but because I like knowing who reads my journal.....
and because my journals can get pretty offensive(I spare those of you who don't add me, 'cause I'm nice like that) :).


1. If you strongly hate anything(except for stupidity, you can hate that all you want <3) don't add me.

2. Don't add me if you can't stand random fangirl-ish out bursts. They don't happen too often, but they do indeed happen. kee_min is usually the one who provokes that side of me XD.

3. Please respect Mother Grammar.

4. I'd enjoy it if you'd comment on my journal every now and again. I get kind of...sad when people don't commemt XD

5. Please update YOUR journal to let me know you're alive.

6. If you're German or you speak German- that's great and all, but I dislike typing in German....very much. So, unless you're English is REALLY bad, please try to not talk to me in German XD <333.

7. We must have a few things incommon(I mean seriously. How are we supposed to talk about anything if we don't have anything incommon?). Don't try to force anything I don't like on me, don't bash anything I like, and I'll show you the same respect.

8. So go ahead and add me, I don't bite; I nibble ;). Although, even if you do infact add'll find my journal rather empty. I get frustrated with myself and delete my entries alot.
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