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Message to the Public.

Kyo is sexy.

No wait! Come back! I promise there is a point to this entry.

Okay, okay. To the said point...
I wish people would just lay off the people who enjoy saying how sexy Mr. K-boy is. Like, srsly. This one character went off on a rampage and was all, "It's dumbass fangirls like you! It's a well known fact that it was only Kyo who really wanted to move away from VK because of dumbfucks like you blah blah blah, I'm an asshole."
Well known fact, huh?

I beg to differ. I highley doubt that it all went down like this:
There was a rustling in the bed sheets. An absurdly blonde head poked out with a light bulb above. "I've got it!" Exclaimed the blonde.
And then Kyo rushed down to a nearby resurant in town where he was to be having lunch with his band mateswhich he was late to, due to the fact he over slept The doors FLUNG open! "I've got it, guys!" Shouts Kyo across the room, panting from running all the way there to share his brilliant idea with the rest of the band. "I think we should stop dressing up in dresses and such and stop wearing make-up(Good call, Kyo)! What do you guys think? I mean, If I(he totally meant "we") stop dressing like that, work on my abs a bit more, take my shirt off in the first five minutes of every show and wriggle my bum about on the stage, girls won't think I'm sexy any more! Perfect logic, right 8B?" Kyo waits in anticipation for their response... "BRILLIANT, DEAR KYO, BRILLIANT!" they all shout at once!

I'm in hysterics right now XD Dear God, I crack myself up. Anyway. You get my point, right? I mean clearly it was the whole bands idea to stop being all VK-ish because they were maturing and wanted their fans to mature with them, ci? And they don't care about being called sexy....Especially Toshiya. We all know Toshiya knows he is sexy and milks that fucking cow for all it's worth.
If Kyo really cared, he'd put his fucking shirt back on(or more likely a turtle-neck sweater) and brown paper sack over his head. But let's face it. Kyo would even be sexy in that.

For me, ci, Kyo is very pretty. But it's his attitude that is sexy...
And considering KYO doesn't find himself very attractive and practically thinks anyone who finds him sexy is completely mad(as stated in one or two interviews) he is probably very oblivious to about 68% of the "Kyo is a sexy beast" comments. 'Kay?
So just chill the fuck out, people.

Kyo is sexy. There is nothing we can do about.
Actually, as I write this, I'm watcing the Withers tour (compliments to my lovely Linda-dee) and I can sort of see Kyo dancing out of the corner of my eye and I keep shouting, "WOO! Go ahead, Kyo! It's okay, shake that thang!" XDDDD

But okay, despite all odds, we all know it is Shinya who rocks the whole fucking band. We all just need to accept these things and move on with our life.

I have school to attend to now, so BYE 8D! Loves yous all!

And remember! When in doubt, exlaim how sexy Kyo is in the streets of your town!
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