The Living Dead Girl

8 May
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Just call me Domino Radical Feminist. Random. Smartass. Crazy. German. Taurus. Obsessive-Complusive. Dir en grey. Wir Sind Helden. Pink Floyd. Purple. Kyo♥. Alcohol. Intellectual. A r t i s t. Twisted. Insomiac. Open-minded. Angst-tastic. Often mistook for dead or a vampire.
Oh yeah, and I like girls. Alot.

Psychology. Philosophy. English. Art.

-*-F r i e n d s O n l y-*-

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Lolitas are the Enemy of Die
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WARNING: Please note that I will not treat you any different than my close friends. I will insult you. If you can't handle being called a whore, bitch-face, bastard child, and things of like or if you can't handle my harsh nature(I tend to bitch and rant a lot) or the fact that I'm overly perverted, slightly egotistical, and opinionated, then don't even bother with me. It's my journal. I will not change it for you. I'm quite happy with all of that, so you can just get over it :)
You have a good day now :D.